January 24, 2018 #2-410 Duchess Street
S7K 0R1
Office: 229-1776
How do I register for the 2018 Winter Session?

Register online:
       Fill out an online registration form here starting Nov 3rd

How do I pay?

We accept email e-transfer (hramsay@saskatoonflip.com) or credit card (by phone @ 306-229-1776). Installment plans available. To guarantee placement, fees or installment plans must be arranged by the due date given in the confirmation email sent out.

When do classes run?

The Winter session starts January 13th - 18th and ends April 21st-26th

Cancelled classes
Cancelled classes for the 2017 Fall Session include:
  Thanksgiving Monday, Halloween Tuesday and Rememberance Day Saturday
Refund Policy
Cancellations after one class are charged a 25% cancellation fee.
Cancellations after the second class are charged a 50% cancellation fee.
Refunds are not available after the third class for any reason.
Make up classes for classes missed are not offered.
Want more info?
Contact us at: info@saskatoonflip.com