August 21, 2018 #2-410 Duchess Street
S7K 0R1
Office: 229-1776
What are we?
Saskatoon Flip is a 5500 square foot gymnastics playground offering a venue for both structured and non-structured programs all based around gymnastics movement. Our philosophy is PURELY RECREATIONAL. We strive to provide programs for all, regardless of age, ability and gender. We want everyone to FLIP over FLIP!
Who are we?
We are parents, teachers and professionals who love to be with kids. All of our instructors are FLIP trained and that means something! . The kids learn from us and we learn from the kids, and that's the way we like it! We offer parent & tot classes, preschool classes, school-aged programs, trampolining, birthday and preschool/group bookings, as well as those popular drop-in gym times.
What matters to us?
Kids...of course!!! At Flip Gymnastics there is a place for everyone. We ensure that while kids are learning about themselves and the world around them, it feels GOOD!. We hire only the most CONSCIENTIOUS LEADERS to assist our kids in achieving personal success and are continually striving to learn more and do things even better!
Why do gymnastics?
Mainly 'cause it's just darn FUN! Not to mention the other amazing things that kids are learning and don't even know it...stuff like physical strength, balance, flexibility, power, posture, air awareness, agility...other stuff too... like perserverance, goal setting, self-confidence, self-esteem ...and more still...listening, cooperation, following directions and problem solving! It's an all-in-one package... gettin' those arms talkin' to those legs...what a GREAT FOUNDATION for life! ...Start at ANY age! We encourage you!
Want more info?
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