October 26, 2020 #2-410 Duchess Street
S7K 0R1
Office: 229-1776
Flip Babies
Gettin' into the swing of things! A fun and light-hearted introduction to basic patterns of movement through rhymes, child sized apparatus and obstacle courses. Parental participation required. For little ones aged 20-42 months. Click here for Spring 2018 schedule
Flip Kinders
A pre-school program designed to knock their socks off! A group warm-up followed by challenging and themed circuits designed to introduce kids to dominant movement patterns of gymnastics. Swings! Springs! Landings! Locomotions! Rotations! Statics and balances! For guys and gals aged 3 1/2 (by May.) to 5 years. . Non-parental involvement. Just sit back and enjoy them! Click here for Spring 2018 schedule

Flip Kidz Beginner and Flip Kidz Intermediate

The magic continues! Flip Kidz beginner -for boys and girls aged 5 1/2 (by May) - 7 years - for kids with no gymnastics experience or for kids recommended into the burgundy or red level.
Flip Kidz Intermediate - for boys and girls recommended into the Tan, Bronze, Purple levels . Kids progress through skill sets of 30-35 skills per level. . Click here for Spring 2018 schedule

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